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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Family Guy TV Syndication

The United Kingdom viewers can view Family Guy on the channel BBC 2 as well as buying the sets on DVD for their own viewing pleasure. Newer episodes of the series, season four, are shown on FX for now.

The Seven Network hosts Family Guy in Australia, showing the episodes on Thursdays all summer long. Australia also shows the show on several other networks for reruns and not new episodes

Canada, which also receives FOX, shows Family Guy on the Global Television Network. Teletoon presents reruns of the show in both English and French languages for the Canadian viewers.

Thursdays on Pro 7 is where German viewers can see Family Guy currently.

Swedish people can watch Family Guy reruns on ZTV and TV3.

Belgium shows the show with many advertisements and other breaks on their channel of Kanaal Twee. There is no dubbed version of the cartoon, however, for this country.

As with Sweden, ZTV hosts reruns of Family Guy for Norway. TV2 has also been known to show episodes in the past.

A branch of FOX in Latin America airs the popular cartoon on different days of the week.

Only a satellite channel known as One-TV airs Family Guy for the Middle East, a region which is oft-made fun of in the show.

Israeli viewers can see Family Guy on the YES channel.

Irish people have the same choices as the UK in viewing Family Guy, the BBC Two and FX.

La Sexta airs reruns of Family Guy for Spain, while FOX, just like in the States, airs newer episodes.

KTV shows reruns in Kuwait.

As with the Middle East, One-TV shows Family Guy for UAE.

Finally, reruns of the Family Guy are shown on TV3 and C4 in New Zealand.


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