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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Family Guy TV Return

Cartoon Network decided to add Family Guy to it’s block of cartoons for adults in 2003 and has continued to air the show for three years now. Family Guy was so successful in this block that the network boasted that it got the highest ratings of any show on at it’s time for the age group they were aiming for. This included popular talk shows on public channels.

Another way fans were able to watch their favorite cartoon was through the DVD releases which started around the same time as the reruns did. Initially released in two parts, the DVDs had the greatest success of any box-set of a TV show has ever had, selling millions in it’s first year alone. Because of the popularity of the show both during it’s syndication and during it’s DVD releases, some people began to muse that it was a possibility for the show to be renewed.

Finally in late 2003, after seeing the success the show had, magazines began to claim that FOX was in talks to bring back Family Guy. A few months later it was confirmed by the show creator that the popular cartoon would indeed return. More details were provided in in-depth interviews by Seth.

An even more official announcement came from the network of Cartoon Network, which claimed that twenty-two new episodes were set to premier later in the year. FOX itself had the rights to use these episodes starting in the year 2005. The show creator’s, Seth MacFarlene, excitement was plainly shown in interviews given as he commented how happy he was to be back with the show.

Showing no signs of slowing down in it’s constant mocking of the FOX network, the first new episode of Family Guy made fun of every failed launch the network attempted to make while the popular cartoon was cancelled. This episode aired in May of 2005.

The new season has had good success on television, again partially due to the fact that it is constantly aired by Cartoon Network at nights. Every new episode has been rerun on Adult Swim within a few days or weeks.

Family Guy also used it’s new found success to almost make their way to the big-screen. A DVD release featuring Stewie’s adventures while trying to find his “real” father was made for a direct-to-DVD movie. The DVD contains many extras as well as the entertaining movie.

Want to play as you favorite characters? A video game is currently in the works and should be out within a few months! Play as Peter, Stewie, or even Brian in this game adaptation of the Griffens.

Finally happy with the ratings of the show, FOX has indeed allowed the initial order of twenty-two episodes to pass so far.


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