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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Family Guy Criticism

Criticism has been a common thing for Family Guy creators to hear since the first episode aired. Because of the outlandish plots which involves adult situations and humors, many adults with kids feel the material is not for younger audiences. The repetitiveness and non-complicated plotlines also tend to irk some watchers.

Familt Guy fans should be happy to know that creator Seth MacFarlene is not sitting back and taking all the criticism without responding. A clear response to the bad press from Entertainment Weekly was given by Family Guy in their only DVD movie release. Parents showed their discontent with the show even further by voting it as one of the worst shows for families to watch in two different years in the past as well.

The criticism given, however, is not limited to simply concerned parents and bored watchers. Many fellow cartoon creators blast the show as well. The creator of popular cartoon Ren and Stimpy felt that Family Guy’s animation design was simple enough to have been created by adolescents, and the crew behind the show do not set their goals high enough. A recent episode of South Park further criticized Family Guy, as the character Cartman went off on how terrible the show was and the creating crew were mocked to be mindless seals who put no thought into their ideas.


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