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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Characters of Family Guy

Characters-Meet the Griffin’s

The main characters of the show are the Griffin family, head of which is Peter Griffin, the average Joe of America. Although he seems to be built in with an incredible pertinence for stupidity, one that easily surpasses Homer of the Simpson’s (a show which shares more than similarities at some points) he maintains a loveably edge which the latter has lost in recent years. Choosing my words careful I use the word support as loosely as possible as to describe Peter’s trials in the workplace, the said work place being ‘Happy Go Lucky Toys’ a phrase which sums up Peter quite well as he gets into all kinds of trouble ranging from sexual harassment accusations to even killing his own boss. His loving wife Lois who tends to act like an everyday housewife, when is actually of aristocratic blood, which is ironic when reflecting on the Griffin’s current financial situation. Their children, one of which a painfully stereotypical teenage girl, Meg, who’s angst in life is that she is not as attractive or cool as the other kids in school.

Another, the carbon copy of his father maybe even a little more unintelligent that the former mentioned , Chris, is also dealing with the issues of growing up and becoming a man. Finally their sweet baby Stewie, at just a year old he wants to follow in the footsteps of some of the greatest men alive…by ruling the world! The sardonic youngster is also obsessed by trying to rid the world of his mother, something that is constantly being foiled due to some kind of incompetence on either his or someone else’s part. The last addition to the family is their trusty canine, mans best friend, Brian. Brian like all good dogs is toilet trained, quiet and able to drive you home after a night out. Brian is the martini drinking, sarcastic intellect of the family, who was tragically separated from his mother as a child and never saw her again before her death. (where she came to see the light of day as a stuffed animal) He appears to have more problems with the emotional drama that life throws his way than most the family at times due the way he tries to deal with them. And although he and Stewie chat frequently, its apparent that he’s the only one who can see the true nature of the infant as no one else in the family hear what Stewie says in the same context as the viewers.

The friendly neighbourhood hide some very vibrant characters, such as Quagmire, who can be best described as a sexual deviant, and all round pervert. The very plain and reliable Cleaveland brown, who is kept under the thumb of his wife Loretta Brown. Their incredibly energetic son Cleaveland Jr who at one point is taken under the wing of Peter so he can live out his golfing coach fantasy and prove a point to Cleaveland. And of course no street is complete without a watchman on duty, the one in question is officer Joe Swanson, who although paralyzed from the waist down after being attacked by thugs, still chases down the crooks of Quahog. His wife (who must be terminally pregnant for some reason or another ) is an average, if yet a little frisky housewife who has managed to give birth to at least one son, a teenage boy who plays out as Meg’s unattainable love interest. Other Quahog regulars are the local news team Tom Tucker, Diane Simmons and the constantly labelled Asian reporter Trisha Takinawa.

Another famous ‘face’ would be Adam West, the mayor of quahog , a eccentric and delusional character who’s erratic choices are abundant and completely misguided. But no comedy is compete without the regular miscreants that have their 10 seconds of fame, and Family Guy has a trove of them. These are the coupon chicken, Herbert, The Judge, Greased Up Deaf Guy and even an Anthropomorphic personification of Death himself!


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