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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Family Guy

The series Family Guy was first released in 1999 by FOX NETWORK thanks to the creator Seth MacFarlane. And although cancelled due to pressure from disgruntled viewers and lack of ratings due to the networks constant changing of the shows timeslot with very little prior notice.

But thanks to a successful DVD and UMD release and a rabid fan base launching petitions and storming the network with mail requesting and demanding it was put back on air, it was reinstated…It was one of the few programs to have been revived in a fashion that rivalled the notorious Japanese ‘Toriyama’ incident which was another revival effort which made waves in the community.

Currently Macfarlane is also working on the sitcom ‘American Dad’ Fox’s fondness of loveable yet blunt characters was once again shown as the main character, is an overweight, incompetent father of three, who is married to an attractive housewife who cares for the children in their suburban home in the town of quahog. The last word in that sentence could easily become Springfield, but the comparisons will be explored in detail later. The writer Seth MacFarlane not only writes the insane plot but takes an active part in the show as he voices several of the characters. The voices of Peter, Brian and Stewie Griffin, Glen Quagmire , The Judge, Principal Shepherd, Pope, Carter Pewterschmidt and Tom Tucker. These are all provided by Macfarlane.

On Family Guy writer Mike Henry also plays his part as Cleaveland, Cleaveland Jr and Greased Up Deaf Guy. The other characters however are played by out by an all star cast. Lacey Chabert played Meg in the first season, but from season 2 the part was in the hands of Mila Kunis, who also plays Jackie Bruckhart in the sitcom ‘That 70’s show. Seth Green, the voice of Chris also played Oz the werewolf in ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ then later Scot Evil in the smash film Austin Powers. Alex Borstein ex MAD TV star, voices the roles of Lois Griffin and Trish Takinawa.


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